EWS Australia have designed and manufactured a new range of sophisticated multi-comm IOT transmitters. All of our products are low power, low cost and cloud ready.

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EWS Switch-VWT

EWS Switch-VWT reads vibrating wire and temperature sensors and transmits frequency and temperature measurements wirelessly to the EWS web portal.

EWS Switch

EWS Switch is the first smart multi communications transmitter in one compact unit. Switch between Satellite and Cellular easily and quickly.

EWS Well Cap

EWS Well Cap Groundwater Monitoring Station makes it easy to automate the measurement of groundwater levels and transmit data from anywhere.

EWS Switchcomm Smartphone App

EWS's Switchcomm App is designed to connect your Android or Apple device to any of the Switch datalogger family through Bluetooth connectivity.

Orion Cloud Data Software

Orion Cloud Data Software, leverages the power and reliability of the Switch datalogger family to monitor all of your remote sites from the comfort of your office.

EWS Telemetered Flow Meter (TFM)

EWS’s TFM leverages the Switch datalogger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater and surface water flow meters cost effectively.

EWS Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

The EWS Automatic Weather Station is supplied with a preconfigured set of sensors for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, and Solar Radiation.

EWS Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

The EWS WSDS (Wind Speed & Direciton Sensor) adopts integrated design, combining wind speed and direction sensing elements in one unit.

EWS Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

EWS's Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge was originally designed for the National Weather Service to provide a reliable, full stainless-steel tipping bucket rain sensor.

EWS Multi-comms Telemetered Camera Package

A 4G 12MP daytime/night-time remote snapshot camera package that integrates with the Orion Cloud Data Software.

EWS Solar Mount

EWS’ All-In-One, Solar Mount solution is compactly designed to house our Switch multi-comms datalogger and a discreetly fitted solar panel for long term monitoring. This unit can be connected to any sensor type for monitoring tank levels, flood warning systems, soil moisture levels, ground water levels, controlling relay switches for turning on or off pumps and valves and more.
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