Remote environmental and weather monitoring systems

Connect Everywhere

EWS Australia specialise in the custom design, manufacture and installation of environmental monitoring and process control systems.

Our premier IoT product provides a low-cost, low-power and secure multi-communication pathway to access data from everywhere.

We also supply Vibrating Wire Telemetry, Geotechnical Monitoring and Satellite IoT Transmitters to the mining and environmental industries across Australia.

Innovative Products

EWS Australia specialise in the manufacture of vibrating wire satellite telemetry and geotechnical monitoring for remote environmental monitoring applications and design bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

Using our IoT products, we can connect to any sensor, providing unlimited options for use.

Our products are Australian made and supported.

Australia and the world

Powered by the Iridium Satellite Network

We are proudly powered by the Iridium Satellite Network. Our service is licenced to activate plans on the Iridium satellite network: A sophisticated global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Using Iridium ensures maximum connectivity no matter how remote the installation.

EWS Switch-VWT

Featured Product

EWS Switch-VWT reads vibrating wire and temperature sensors and transmits frequency and temperature measurements wirelessly to the EWS Web Portal over either the Iridium Satellite Network or LTE.

Smart Multi Communication Transmitters

We are able to provide a unique communication option, easily interchangeable between cellular and satellite. This future proofs your assets from changing communication networks.

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